Super Guide

I was thinking about something a friend, Becky Couture, wrote regarding Outfitter wives and I agree totally and I’ve written the same thing about Sue. But it made me remember my old guide Dave Poncin. Aka Super Guide! He is pictured standing by me wearing black cap and chasing buffalo out of our old corral. […]

Mr. Bob Loop

Good Morning from Hells A Roarin Outfitters! The guy in the picture with me is Scott Loop and the guy with the obituary is Bob Loop, his father. Both of them started hunting with us in 1992 and they came back for close to 22 years. The picture with the bull was taken last year […]

Tom Desaveur

Good Morning from Hells A Roarin Outfitters! This is Tom Desaveur, from the Fishtail country of Montana. He was one of the three people to get a track chair this past spring!! The Hells A Roarin horse drive does a charity event every Memorial Day. Jean, Sara, Sue and many others raised enough money to […]

Bill & Banjo Team

This is a picture of me and a neighbor. I’m on decker flats driving Bill and Banjo. What a wonderful, gentle, honest, team. I used Bill to break many young up and coming work horses. We are in buffalo robe coats. I was working with Sharps rifles from Big Timber Montana. We had harvested a […]

Josh Bunger

Josh Bunger glassing. Josh started working for me in 1998. He is like a member of the family. He is a farmer from Washington, and don’t tell him, but one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known. He has beautiful wife Jenn, twin daughters and a son. Hell of a Guy and guide!   Respectfully […]

Jerry Ryder

In 1991 I had 10 brand new pack saddles made by Art Heiden of Kalispell, MT! I was sure proud of them. They had Ray Holes trees the finest on the market. But I didn’t get 1/4 breeds. I was worried the half breeds would wear out so Jerry Ryder showed up with this huge […]

Deckard Flats

How many millions of elk have migrated across Deckard Flats! I can be here in three minutes from my house. In 1986 me and Dave Poncin saw 4650 elk in one line right here. We both counted. Second neatest thing I’ve ever seen in the wild.

Aimee’s Films

In the 90s due to Aimee’s health issues we had a little ranch on Countryman creek between Columbus and Reedpoint. The kids went to school in Reedpoint and Sue, along with running the place, owned and operated ERA Paradise properties. Successfully I might add. We had about 12 broodmares and a stud at all times. […]

Early Days in the Park

Behind my horses ears. Buffalo in distance. When I was 18 I spent one whole summer in the head of Lamar. I was packing for the park service and Jim Hotchkiss was the horse and mule boss, he taught me more than anyone about packing and taking proper care of gear. A tough but fair […]

Salt House

At this salt house used by sheepherders Dave Poncin and myself were eating lunch many years ago . I got up to look around for elk tracks and the trees you see in the distance , I started finding bones and horse skulls . I hollered at Dave and we found maybe in a 300 […]