This is a saddle that my Dad rode for 40 years. He started ranching and cowboying in the Billings area during the late teens and the roaring twenties. This was still the type of saddle used in Montana during that … Continued


I came in to have a cup of tea to calm my blood pressure! Hugh Glass is headed to his new home. I was reading the new BLS catalog on the outfitter sale, brand inspections, etc., and the catalog brought … Continued


This is me and Dr. Gordon Hardaway. Our vet for 26 years and great friend. All livestock people need a great vet or they wouldn’t be in business too long. It’s getting rare to find one to work on broncs, … Continued


A fair amount of years ago we just had the meat pole break in camp. There were four bulls elk on it and it was not a proper one anyway. We just finished stacking the halves up and I heard … Continued


This is coming out of the The Hole north of Hyman Creek in Hellroaring. The original picture is better but I always thought this looked like a Charlie Russell print. I think we got three elk that day. The next … Continued


Sitting here reflecting on my time spent in Maui. I fly out in a few days. What a great country we live in. I’m proud of it and all that it represents. I want to say something that is different … Continued

Winter 88/89

A follow up to last nights story, Winter 88/89! Sitting in the barn loft watching new Tennessee mules eating with the bull elk that came in early. That winter a big bull came out of the park from either Canyon … Continued


This is my old saddle horse Spyder! This was Thanksgiving day about three years ago. I have spent a good portion of my life riding in -30 below zero. We used to have these late season hunts in January and … Continued

Animals Can Live Outside & Survive

This is me and Spyder. He is an honest horse! He is now 19, does his job and requires no babying. He’s never worn a blanket or eye wraps. He is triple tough. He paws snow for his grass when … Continued

Super Guide

I was thinking about something a friend, Becky Couture, wrote regarding Outfitter wives and I agree totally and I’ve written the same thing about Sue. But it made me remember my old guide Dave Poncin. Aka Super Guide! He is … Continued