Another Dollar Story

Good evening from Hells-a-roarin! I was looking for different picture when I came across this one of a colt that I raised many years ago. I had a great bay roan stud horse. Additionally, I had a black mare that I bought from Kathryn Johnson . My Dad had bred her ancestor . Lonesome Dove […]


Good Morning from Hellsaroarin ! This is me Jeremiah Matt Cunningham . I’m on old Yukon Jack , jeremiah on my old ex bareback bucking horse Tug ! Matt is riding Shadrack . Packing Blue and Rattler . The government packers at this time said you couldn’t pack these enclosures on a mule . Matt […]


Good evening from Hellsaroarin . One thing , no matter the time of year , you never know what you may encounter in our yard . “ Flathorn “ mean old bull buffalo . We had lots of fun with him . Skinny old cow buffalo that decided to live with the horses . She […]


This is my Dad on Specimen Creek. Not a sissy. He had a gift of telling stories around the campfire and they would scare the hell out of you if you were young or green. I’ve told this one before. He lived to hunt grizzlies. He used a .348 Winchester. He said one night about […]


This is a saddle that my Dad rode for 40 years. He started ranching and cowboying in the Billings area during the late teens and the roaring twenties. This was still the type of saddle used in Montana during that time. My brother Lloyd gave it to me yesterday! This is my Dads coat and […]


I came in to have a cup of tea to calm my blood pressure! Hugh Glass is headed to his new home. I was reading the new BLS catalog on the outfitter sale, brand inspections, etc., and the catalog brought back a flood of memories. In 2000 and 2001 I started this Outfitter sale at […]


This is me and Dr. Gordon Hardaway. Our vet for 26 years and great friend. All livestock people need a great vet or they wouldn’t be in business too long. It’s getting rare to find one to work on broncs, colts, bucking horses, ridge running brood mares. He does. He AI’d a bucking cow in […]


A fair amount of years ago we just had the meat pole break in camp. There were four bulls elk on it and it was not a proper one anyway. We just finished stacking the halves up and I heard a horse nicker! I looked up and there was Jeremiah and our packer / wrangler […]


This is coming out of the The Hole north of Hyman Creek in Hellroaring. The original picture is better but I always thought this looked like a Charlie Russell print. I think we got three elk that day. The next day I came back up there and spotted a lone first year six point bull […]


Sitting here reflecting on my time spent in Maui. I fly out in a few days. What a great country we live in. I’m proud of it and all that it represents. I want to say something that is different on my usual stories on here! I grew up with very little in material things. […]