Good morning from hellsaroarin! The pictures  below depict the work we did this fall hoping to save the Horse creek bridge In hellroaring. There was a huge log jam with hundreds of trees ready to take it out next spring during high water . Having packed many of these bridges in , I know the work and value their safety and usefulness crossing in high water or when it gets icy . Cutting legs of animals . Not criticizing anyone for not completing cutting it out . There was a tiny bit of work done on it . With covid it was a rough year ? Anyway my crew waded In freezing water for two full days crosscutting chopping dragging hundreds of logs out by hand and with horse . Pushed many under bridge to float away in spring . Peyton ,Hamilton , Marius ,Cole , Colten damn fine work !!!!!!! I always try and leave the wilderness better than I found it . We cut out over 2000 trees by hand also and removed dang every rock on most trails I use . Cleaned well over a 100 water bars . I absolutely hate hate meetings talking about what needs to be done . I just love to be busy no matter what . I enjoy doing trail work . Respectfully Warren