Good evening from Hellsaroarin ! I was looking for different picture when I came across this one of a colt that I raised many years ago . I had a great bay roan stud horse . I also had a black mare that I bought from Kathryn Johnson . My Dad had bred her ancestor . Lonesome Dove had just aired a few years before and there lots of horses named Blue Duck , Call , Gus and this black mares name “ The Hell Bitch “! She was rank and I’m not sure where I thought she had the ability to raise me a saddle horse . I’ve written about this colt before but many of my new readers and friends , followers might like to hear it . He was born about this time of year . Me and my late nephew Brent Ryder found him and got him to a dry place . Man even at 20 minutes he stood tall leggy roan strip in his face intelligent eyes sharp ears missing nothing . I went to rub him a little as I wanted him to remember me as I knew at some point he would be my saddle horse . I walked up to him and I don’t think he was 30 minutes old and he lifted his head a little higher and reached up with a front foot and struck me in the belt area . Brent and I looked at each other in shock . He stood his ground and was ready to do it again . I knew I had my hands full . Time went on and I brought him in to break him at three . I usually waited till four . But I knew he needed special attention . Well I put some ground work on him and it was rodeo time and Dick Lyman wanted him . So I’m not sure how the trade worked but Rod Lyman pro steer wrestler gave me a bald faced red mule for him . I’d just been kicked real bad by a young mare protecting her colt . Killed the colt and wounded me for a month . I thought for sure I was paralyzed on my right side but came out of it so it was a good time to trade ol Dollar the colt . I heard rumors all over the state about him bucking with Dick and maybe bucking him off . If a horse got Dick on the ground it was a damn sure bronc . There is no man I have more respect for than Dick Lyman . Shane Moran said he rode him on big circles for 60 days ! Not exact but I know he was a handful . Shane was a hand as I think he broke 43 colts for me in 01 02 00 ! Well he was one of the most talked about horses I’d ever raised . He stood over 17 hands and was all horse . Well I was sitting in camp one day and this is true , I just told Jerry Metcalf the story on him ! I heard a horse nicker in the corral and I looked out and there was Wendy leading ol Dollar into camp . With a note from Sue . Dick called and sold me Dollar back for 3500$ and you can thank me when you get out . Thank her ?? I’m pretty certain her and Dick must’ve planned on splitting the life insurance she upped on me when I got kicked 😉! I cannot tell you the times he bucked me off in the dark snowbanks . I remember one time I was chasing a big old bull elk from Crevice to monument ridge and we were in a hell hole and he blew up and I got him rode . I wanted to shout and fan him with my scotch cap . When you walked up to bridle him his head stood 19 hands and I saw him unbutton more than a few guys shirts with that right front foot . He was the meanest most dangerous horse I ever owned or raised . But when on him and all was well there was not a finer mount . I never had to worry about anyone borrowing him . Hoped you enjoyed this . Respectfully Warren