Thank you letter from my nephew

I received a very nice Christmas gift from my nephew Tarquin and this got me to thinking about all the troubled kids Ive helped by giving them something to do and a sense of worth! I have worked right alongside … Continued

Tennesse with Dave

It was a nice winter day when Dave and I embarked on our journey to TN to buy a trailer load of mules . I was the first person in MT to buy mules from Reese Brothers mule co. in … Continued

Summer 1981

The summer of 1981 Sue & I had no place to live and was bouncing around from place to place! So we decided to spend it in the mountains . What a great memory making decision ! Jeremiah was not … Continued

Our Children

Jeremiah & Aimee Johnson !! I don’t have enough time or space to say how much I love my two children! To say they are top hands doesent begin to describe them or their abilities .. Cowboy and Cowgirl through … Continued

Moon rises over Hell’s A’ Roarin’

The moon rises over Hell’s A’ Roarin’ Outfitters! The day was long but fruitful’! I have paid my respects to the elk we’ve hunted today !! The horses and mules are all munching their all they can eat hay! Some … Continued

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to all my Wonderful friends in this great country and to my Wonderful friends all over the world! I feel Christmas is a time for tradition and family and friends to share their love and happiness. Too boost … Continued

Meeting Drew

I met this guy Drew , from Italy, 20 years ago. He was camped up on the Blacktail Plateau in Yellowstone National Park. I was up there covering the country putting miles on a couple of rank ex bucking horses … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and a few of my enemies! It has been a great hunting season . Saw a grizzly this morning . The eagle I roped last week is doing great. There is about 45 calves … Continued

End of Season 2014

The Hells a Roarin Spring , Summer , Fall season is over !!!!!!!! What a sensational year. We had a great spring bear season, sensational horse drive and dance , the summer trail rides were as busy as can be … Continued

Flying with Bill Chapman

I just told a friend just recently , that in order to really live you must also must nearly die! I just read a sad story about four rodeo cowboys crashing their plane and all perishing. This happened in 1979 … Continued