This is my hometown of Jardine , Montana around the turn of the century . Not long before my Dad first was here. Growing up on the banks of the Northfork of bear Creek was an experience that I will … Continued


This is me and our very first brochure! I was reading John Moores post about cold weather during the terrible fires in eastern MT ! So when I saw this old brochure it brought up cooler temperatures and cool times … Continued


Well it’s closing on the Fourth of July !!!! I proudly , always , fly my flag year around . I’m absolutely proud of America and all it stands for . I’m proud of our President and the office that … Continued

Warren’s Dad

I woke up today , stretched and felt a nagging memory in the back of my head . Then it hit me , today was the day that I lost my Dad . For 35 days prior to his death … Continued


I am pretty positive on my blog but here is one time I may deviate from being that way and voice my opinion. Not to start a fight but to set the record straight. Recently there was a 12 year old … Continued

The Ghost Horse “Rocky”

He was born in 1992 on a little place up Cinnibar. We left the kids and Aimee’s mare Buttercup with friend of ours for a weekend. We were going to St. Ignatuous MT, to close on a small ranch. Buttercup … Continued

My Children

Laying in the Mayo clinic in Rochester MN , for the last 10 days gives a man lots of time to reflect on his life and his accomplishments , failures , regrets, and future endeavors, . The only regret I … Continued

Duane Neal

Every once in awhile I write on here about the passing of someone that means a lot to me. Duane Neal passed away last week , he was an Outfitter in Hellroaring since 1968. His base camp was on Grizzly … Continued

Warren and Dave Packing

The distance was about 18 miles from my home and it was approximately 30 mule loads! I was the only one who bid on this job out of 18 outfitters ! It was sept 6 and I needed to have … Continued

Tribute to Judd and Jessey

Judd and Jessey It was the spring of 1993. I was excited to see the 45 mules Rufus Reese had shipped me from TN. This was close to 1200 head I had bought from him . As I pulled into … Continued