Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and a few of my enemies! It has been a great hunting season . Saw a grizzly this morning . The eagle I roped last week is doing great. There is about 45 calves … Continued

Flying with Bill Chapman

I just told a friend just recently , that in order to really live you must also must nearly die! I just read a sad story about four rodeo cowboys crashing their plane and all perishing. This happened in 1979 … Continued

End of Season 2014

The Hells a Roarin Spring , Summer , Fall season is over !!!!!!!! What a sensational year. We had a great spring bear season, sensational horse drive and dance , the summer trail rides were as busy as can be … Continued

Dave & Warren

This is a photo of Dave Poncin and I in 1985! We were in the best shape ever and never thought nothing of hooking an unbroken team up and cleaning the corral. This team was owned by Tom Venable , … Continued

Letter From Casey Anderson- Nat Geo

Opening spoken verse from one of my favorite songs, ‘This Cowboy’s Hat’ by Chris Ledoux- “Well there’s always been groups of people that could never see eye to eye… An’ I always thought if they’d get the chance to sit … Continued

Camp 2015

It feels good to be out of the mountains . But this picture says it all , this fall was a heck of a ride. Elk hunting was good. Deer were plentiful. Goats were abundant ! Saw 9 different grizzlies … Continued

Bears I’ve Known

Bears Ive Known !!!!!!!!! I was riding with some guests today and was reflecting on a spring day , just like this one in 1973. It was a perilous time for the black bears and grizzly bears of Yellowstone and … Continued

Christmas Gift

I received a very nice Christmas gift that I printed below and this got me to thinking about all the troubled kids Ive helped by giving them something to do and a sense of worth! I have worked right alongside … Continued