C. Sharps Company

I found this in some old boxes I was going through . The early years of the C. Sharps Arms Co. this is their brochure . There office , factory was in Big Timber Montana . I was the first … Continued


This is me skiing into Crevice and then down the Pine creek trail . The snow was deep and it was blizzarding . But we had to do it cause it was there! About a mile further is a bad … Continued


As I was doing chores in Jardine I drove by ol Martins house . He died last month at 96 Years old . I knew him most of my life. Through last year he grew the very best garden you could … Continued

Christmas 2017

It’s that season again . Christmas has always been my most favorite holiday , for many reasons . Here we are a long time ago taking a Xmas eve ride . This has been a family tradition forever. The team … Continued

Give Me a Bronc

I sat with Scott Sallee the other day at the bucking horse sale and it brought up this memory of me and him on deckard flats . We were talking about bucking horses and riding them . There was a … Continued

Our Home Stead 1983

I was looking at some old pictures today and this is our old homestead from 1983. I had started to rebuild the corrals and hadn’t yet pulled all the sagebrush! The old log barn was leaning as no foundation just … Continued

Oink Our Pig

Well let me introduce you to “Oink”! So many serious / sad things going on I’m going to tell a few funny tales! There was a guy in Gardiner named Jesse James, and he owned the Pit Stop cafe. He … Continued

Joe Caley – Wounded Warrior Veteran

This is me, Joe, the wounded Warrior and Mick! This was Joes last day at our place yesterday! He had just finished telling me about his American flag that he carried all over the world ! In a submarine . … Continued

Joseph The Greatest Horse

Joseph’s last supper! Thirty one years old and I’ve had him for twenty eight. . Today I got him up twice and I knew what needed done . I lost my nerve twice , I’ll be honest ! I usually … Continued

Father & Son Hunting

Well my hunting season starts in three weeks or less ! As always my memory takes me back to another time of hunting . This is me and Jeremiah in 1997 ! We took eight hunters into camp about the … Continued