I was 27 years old and living out my dream in the Montana wilderness . This picture here is of Bill Anderson an Orthopedic surgeon from CA! A hell of a hunter , tough , savvy , ethics , could … Continued


Here is the start to Hellsaroarin roarin Outfitters . We lived in this one room log cabin with two children for five years . It was as good a life as young people could want starting out . Our water … Continued


Almost Christmas time and still packing in metal I beams for a bridge in the Lee Metcalf wilderness area. These were quite heavy , maybe 300 pounds each . The mules names were Jack and Jenny . Scott Sallee , … Continued

Early Life

Every life has a beginning and here is I think the earliest picture of me and my dog Fatso. Behind me is our house that burned down . My Dad started building this in 1931. We had the freedom to … Continued


Back when this country used big mules . When I was growing up , most of the mules were 13.2 to 14 hands . People would breed their little mares to a jack . These mares wouldn’t raise a good … Continued


This Gazette story was in 2001, it’s a story of Chuck and Arlene Larsen hauling six of our horses to the inaugural parade in Washington DC ! After President Bush got elected we got the call from the Governors office … Continued

Greatest Generation

Sitting here in AZ looking at old photos. ” Dead eye Dick “On the right. My brother Bill Johnson back to camera , the other young man across saw blade is Roy Marchington . Not sure on others . But … Continued

Marlboro Man

This is a picture of the Marlboro man ! This was taken during the summer of 1999.We had bought about a 1000 yearling studs In Canada and maybe 80 fillies. Most were draft cross and I’ve still got a few. … Continued

My Brother Earl

This is a photo taken in 1996 of me and my brother Earl Johnson . He was 73 when this was shot . We are packing in Aimee’s oxygen  bottles for her heart lung condition she had .  We never … Continued

My Son

This is my son Jeremiah Johnson , a few years ago ! This is his first elk . He was 12 years old and on opening day in Hellroaring . We left camp at 430 am and tied up our … Continued