Joe Caley – Wounded Warrior Veteran

This is me, Joe, the wounded Warrior and Mick! This was Joes last day at our place yesterday! He had just finished telling me about his American flag that he carried all over the world ! In a submarine . … Continued

Joseph The Greatest Horse

Joseph’s last supper! Thirty one years old and I’ve had him for twenty eight. . Today I got him up twice and I knew what needed done . I lost my nerve twice , I’ll be honest ! I usually … Continued

Father & Son Hunting

Well my hunting season starts in three weeks or less ! As always my memory takes me back to another time of hunting . This is me and Jeremiah in 1997 ! We took eight hunters into camp about the … Continued

Hunting season soon

I’m slowly getting caught up from the busiest summer we’ve ever had ! Our horses work hard and I appreciate them ! Thank you Aimee , once again for the great care you take of them . Well I’m going … Continued


I was thinking today about all of the hunting seasons I’ve been through. Monday I leave for about 40 days in the mountains. I’ve always taken a broke horse and a colt to ride . This is a picture of … Continued


Well this is a picture of me on High Chaparral . Photo courtesy Sandy Seaton . This is the dedication of a conservation easement we worked out with Kinross , Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Trout Unlimited . With this … Continued


First off this is not my mule and I never packed her! I caught this mule last fall with a cheap little halter on and went and got a proper leather mule halter. She came running up off Decker flats … Continued

Red Devil

I went on the cookout ride last night with Aimee and crew . We had a big day so I thought I’d visit with my daughter. I was riding a colt and miles after three rides sure helps! I was … Continued


This is my hometown of Jardine , Montana around the turn of the century . Not long before my Dad first was here. Growing up on the banks of the Northfork of bear Creek was an experience that I will … Continued


This is me and our very first brochure! I was reading John Moores post about cold weather during the terrible fires in eastern MT ! So when I saw this old brochure it brought up cooler temperatures and cool times … Continued