Bill & Banjo Team

This is a picture of me and a neighbor . I’m on decker flats driving Bill and Banjo . What a wonderful gentle honest team . I used Bill to break many young up and coming work horses . We … Continued

Josh Bunger

Josh Bunger glassing . Josh started working for me I 1998. He is like a member of the family . He is a farmer from Washington and don’t tell him but one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known . … Continued

Jerry Ryder

In 1991 I had 10 brand new pack saddles made by Art Heiden of Kalispell MT! I was sure proud of them . They had Ray Holes trees the finest on the market . But I didn’t get 1/4 breeds … Continued

Deckard Flats

How many millions of elk have migrated across deckard flats ! I can be here in three minutes from my house . In 1986 me and Dave Poncin saw 4650 elk in one line right here . We both counted … Continued

Aimee’s Films

In the 90s due to Aimee’s health issues we had a little ranch on Countryman creek between Columbus and Reedpoint . The kids went to school in Reedpoint and Sue along with running the place owned and operated ERA Paradise … Continued

Early Days in the Park

Behind my horses ears . Buffalo in distance . When I was 18 I spent one whole summer in the head of Lamar . I was packing for the park service and Jim Hotchkiss was the horse and mule boss … Continued

Salt House

At this salt house used by sheepherders Dave Poncin and myself were eating lunch many years ago . I got up to look around for elk tracks and the trees you see in the distance , I started finding bones … Continued

Buying Jardine

Me with our friends from Italy! . This is the day after the horsedrive and we all ride to Jardine to look at Enzo’s land he bought from me . Jardine Land and Livestock is the LLC that comprises roughly 555 … Continued

PBR Bucking Bull

his is a hunting picture coming out of East fork basin, a great hunting day.But this is about another type of hunt. Aimee wanted me to write about a wild bucking bull I hunted for seven days. A few years … Continued