Good Morning from Hells A Roarin Outfitters ! The guy in the picture with me is Scott Loop and the guy with the obituary is Bob Loop , his father . Both of them started hunting with us in 1992 and they came back for close to 22 years . The picture with the bull was taken last year almost exactly where I got Bob a six point bull in 1992 . The jar I’m holding has some of Bobs ashes in it . This was a tribute to one of my best friends . A true gentleman hunter . Unassuming and always just happy to have the priveledge of hunting elk and deer in Montana . We miss him every hunting season as he died a few years ago ! So many people don’t understand about hunting . It’s not always the kill , its friendships made , my favorite is the sunrises , seeing the sparks coming off the horses shoes in the dark , the thrill of a bugling bull elk cows and calves talking to each other . Don’t get me wrong I’m a elk hunter and I get my share but I always see all the rest that goes with it . Last year it was so special for Scott to get that bull close to where his Dad got it years ago . Have a great day and I hope Mr. Loop knows he left his quiet unassuming presence be known at Hells A Roarin !

Respectfully Warren