Long Winter

This picture was taken a few years before we moved up here but it looked real similar to this . I was washing the sidewalk after a long winter. It was the longest one I can remember . Getting ready … Continued


This was a couple years ago when I was young . I am posing for Shooting Times or Guns and Ammo magazine ! I am riding Buck a good old gelding , pigeon toed and crooked feet in the front … Continued

Legendary Crevice

This little guy with the big ears was one of my finest mountainhorses . He was born on our ranch on countryman creek near Reedpoint , MT . When he was born Jeremiah , thought that he was a mule … Continued

My Brother Earl

This is me and my brother Earl . I found him this day in the head of Northfork . This picture was taken just under Monitor peak . I was riding my good dun gelding ” Cody and Earl had … Continued

Bugle Tree

This is few long years ago . It’s one of my absolute favorite places in the wilderness area ! Haystack meadows . This looking at redrock on the right , then brundage then horse creek . Dave Poncin is leading … Continued

My Best Friend Jim Duffy

This is a picture of myself and my very best friend Jim Duffy . I was messing with him over his hat and told him that it was from sleeping on his side . That’s why the sides were curled … Continued

The Widow-Maker

This is a picture of me , my son Jeremiah and Bill the roan Chip the blonde Belgian . Jeremiah was 5 going on 6 . Here we are cleaning the corral with a slip or Fresno depends on where … Continued

My Dad’s Stories

These are pictures of my Dad as a young man . He was born in 1896 . He was a wonderful storyteller . He would captivate an audience without even trying . I’ve written down little things he said that … Continued

Drug Buy a Horse

This is me and Phil Spanganberger of Shooting Times magazine . We are talking over how cool the new sharp rifles were. This was a beautiful spring day . We were bear hunting until it got warm . Colter and … Continued


I see all of this trouble in the world , shootings in school drugs etc , This is me and my son Jeremiah at Fawn lake . What a great way to raise a child and teach him about nature … Continued