Marlboro Man

This is a picture of the Marlboro man ! This was taken during the summer of 1999.We had bought about a 1000 yearling studs In Canada and maybe 80 fillies. Most were draft cross and I’ve still got a few. … Continued

My Brother Earl

This is a photo taken in 1996 of me and my brother Earl Johnson . He was 73 when this was shot . We are packing in Aimee’s oxygen  bottles for her heart lung condition she had .  We never … Continued

My Son

This is my son Jeremiah Johnson , a few years ago ! This is his first elk . He was 12 years old and on opening day in Hellroaring . We left camp at 430 am and tied up our … Continued

C. Sharps Company

I found this in some old boxes I was going through . The early years of the C. Sharps Arms Co. this is their brochure . There office , factory was in Big Timber Montana . I was the first … Continued


This is me skiing into Crevice and then down the Pine creek trail . The snow was deep and it was blizzarding . But we had to do it cause it was there! About a mile further is a bad … Continued


As I was doing chores in Jardine I drove by ol Martins house . He died last month at 96 Years old . I knew him most of my life. Through last year he grew the very best garden you could … Continued

Christmas 2017

It’s that season again . Christmas has always been my most favorite holiday , for many reasons . Here we are a long time ago taking a Xmas eve ride . This has been a family tradition forever. The team … Continued

Give Me a Bronc

I sat with Scott Sallee the other day at the bucking horse sale and it brought up this memory of me and him on deckard flats . We were talking about bucking horses and riding them . There was a … Continued

Our Home Stead 1983

I was looking at some old pictures today and this is our old homestead from 1983. I had started to rebuild the corrals and hadn’t yet pulled all the sagebrush! The old log barn was leaning as no foundation just … Continued

Oink Our Pig

Well let me introduce you to “Oink”! So many serious / sad things going on I’m going to tell a few funny tales! There was a guy in Gardiner named Jesse James, and he owned the Pit Stop cafe. He … Continued