This is me and Spyder . He is an honest horse ! He is now 19 does his job and requires no babying . He’s never worn a blanket or eye wraps . He is triple tough. He paws snow for his grass when he is out on pasture . I love a horselike this . John Moore prompted me to write this as he wrote a good post about dogs. He runs and bucks when I turn him loose . He does his job with no fuss or muss ! It’s why I love animals . They don’t whine or complain . This news media on the latest lies made me want to gag . Never again will I watch it . Or the mean movie stars saying to burn the school where these kids were from . It is sickening . Most of these grandstanders are acting like spoiled little brats . I’m asking you folks again to not send me political religious or chain mail garbage on here . Thank you . I see this negativity in the horse world too . Clinincians still complaining about horses that were treated bad by old cowboys . There was that but there were also many old cowboys farmers that were not mean to their horses . My Dad wasn’t . Nelson Starkweather want. Tiny Starkweather isn’t and as good a cowboy that was born inMontana ! Just as I don’t talk bad about the way clinicians do their thing . There are many great ones ! I give some packing lessons and I start all with ” this is my way of doing it ” there are many ways ! ” This works for me . My great neighbors in Wyoming use lots of sawvucks I use decker pack saddles ! They are great packers . It is what works for you . I saw this young clinician badmouthing an old cowboy I know. This old cowboy with his gnarled old hands is a true hand and he quietly goes about making a living on the land. Don’t make fun of other ways and customs to sell your product . Don’t call someone a name cause he isn’t like you. I am not a buckaroo but I have many friends who are . We joke but we are civil and respect the ways of the land . Horses are kind of like working dogs the cream rises when you take them outside . In an uncontrolled atmosphere . I never advertise by putting other people down ! I have a great business by performance . Many horse trainers , politicians , packers , hunters guide schools should advertise on their merits not someone else’s shortcomings . A friend of mine recently told me and he and I are completely different , if everyone is the same it’s a cult not a community “! I agree please keep it civil on my posts . I was raised old fashion and I respect others that are that way . I see cowboys and truckers etc on here using the worst foul language and it’s not the way your parents taught you . My Dad was as tough of a man as there was in Jardine and the worst word I ever heard him say was Son of a b…,!

Respectfully Warren