In the 90s due to Aimee’s health issues we had a little ranch on Countryman creek between Columbus and Reedpoint . The kids went to school in Reedpoint and Sue along with running the place owned and operated ERA Paradise properties . Successfully I might add. We had about 12 broodmares and a stud at all times . It was a beautiful place with nice barn and a great home . I stayed in Jardine and ran the hunting operation . Well at this time in her life Aimee was going to make movies . So she wrote the script and I bought the best camera I could afford . She got all of these people on horseback to show up and we spent three long days making a movie . It was s hit and we even rented it out at the local video store . Oh the local people would drive by back and forth wondering what in the heck was going on . I think in all she made 10 movies . Maybe ! What made me think of this is Brent Ryder my nephew is on the left with his hat off . I rode by his headstone today in my pasture . He drowned about two months after we took this photo . He was always up for stunts . A hell of a hand !!! I know one thing is for sure ” Life’s never borin at Hellsaroarin “. 😊😅Respectfully Warren